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Best PTE Coaching

Postby God » Thu May 25, 2017 12:59 pm

What is the most difficult thing about PTE?

Explaining its pattern. The gamut of questions in PTE is so varied that many prospective test takers are often taken aback when trying to figure out what PTE is all about. And this is something we clearly understand, and this is where our coaching starts - making every candidate thorougly familiar with the pattern.

This ensures that there are no nasty surprised on the test day. If that can be achieved, that is half the battle one. The clear understanding of the pattern that [url]First Academy has of PTE[/url], and the effort taken to ensure every student knows it sans doubt is one of the biggest reasons why our PTE training is widely known as the best PTE coaching in Hyderabad.

What makes it the best

First - and it is surprising that it is the least common - our trainers have taken the test. This, we believe, is a fundamental requirement for one to be a trainer. We are able to offer the best coaching for PTE because we insist, and absolutely so, that our trainers take it. In fact, unless we have proof of someone having taken the test, they would not be allowed to train.

How does it become the best coaching for PTE?

We make sure that we do not train people en masse. Our class sizes are kept small. And especially for PTE coaching, we try to keep the student and facilitator ratio at no greater than 1:5. This means that every students gets time to interact with the trainer, and the trainer will also know the individual strengths and weaknesses of every candidate. This also allows us to micro-customise home exercises that will allow students to climb a steep learning curve faster.

Up-to-date Material

Thye material that we create is always top of the line and always up to date. Our exercises and material are prepared by people who are the absolute best in the business and are vetted by those who are on top of the language game. Our team has a combined understanding of over 8 languages allowing them to identify with learners from different linguistic backgrounds, and abilities.

All these ensure that the PTE training you get at First Academy lives up to its name of being the best coaching for PTE in Hyderabad.

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